East Church of Scotland – Minister Vacancy

The East Church of Scotland in Inverness has a long history and has a forward looking congregation, which is open to new opportunities. At it’s heart, it is a Gospel focused, prayer centred congregation with a strong sense of mission to the communities it serves. The congregation and the various courts & organisations of the East are united, engaged and supportive of the work of the East Church. We also have had a strong ethos of Bible centred preaching and teaching and we see this as the foundation for the next stage of our Ministry.

We are looking for a minister who will work with and provide leadership to the congregation of Inverness East. In particular, the person called to this Ministry, will be expected to;

  • Lead public worship.
  • Lead and work alongside the organisations and courts of the church.
  • Develop our pastoral work and get to know our congregation.
  • Be open to building the sense of community and social cohesion of the congregation.
  • Work with the Kirk Session to identify and encourage the latent and under-deployed talents within the congregation.
  • Be ambitious to grow the congregation and develop our work in our new parish boundary.
  • Work with the congregation to increase our relevance to and impact in, our parish and in the city centre.
  • Work with the congregation to increase our relevance to families and the young.
  • Enjoy being part of God’s work and have the ability to enthuse and engage others.
  • Maintain reverence as part of public worship.

For a confidential discussion about this vacancy please contact:
Interim Moderator – Rev Dr Hugh Watt 01456 450231, hwatt@churchofscotland.org.uk
Chair of the Nominating Committee – Dr Donald MacVicar 01463 792389, d.macvicar@btinternet.com