February Prayer Points

Pray this month for the various organisations in Scotland which are devoted to Christian education and outreach.  Pray that they will have an impact on our nation and that many more people will come to faith in Jesus Christ and grow in their knowledge of and obedience to, God’s Word.


Scripture Union

Pray for Scripture Union Scotland and especially for their Easter camps and holidays.  Pray that there will be sufficient leaders for each holiday and that many children and young people will sign up to go.  Pray that God will use these holidays to help children and young people come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Pray for their safety in all the outdoor activities and ask that God will grant wisdom to the leaders as they answer questions and as they share their faith.


Rutherford House

Rutherford House is launching a new programme for elders.  This programme will be taught over several Saturdays or over a series of evenings.  During the next two months, there will be Elders’ gatherings in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Inverness and Stornoway, to launch this new programme and to explain its content.  The Highland gathering will be held in Inverness East Church on Friday 4th April at 7.30pm.  Pray that God will bring many elders to these events and that the new programme will be useful in helping elders to think biblically and theologically.



Pray for the Universities and Colleges’ Christian Fellowship.  UCCF is responsible for the Christian Unions in most of the colleges and universities in Scotland.  The witness and outreach of these Christian Unions has been used significantly by God over many years.  Each year, most of these groups organise missions and special events, as well as Bible study groups and the main weekly meeting.  Many students have been led to Christ through this work.  Pray for the leaders of the CU in each college and university and pray for God’s blessing on every Christian student involved in their outreach.


Bible Distribution

Pray for those organisations which are involved with translating and distributing the Scriptures.


Pray for Wycliffe Bible Translators, in their work of translating the Bible into some of the many languages whose speakers do not yet have a Bible.  Pray for other individuals and organisations engaged in the same kind of work.


Pray for the Scottish Bible Society as they distribute the Scriptures widely, both in this country and beyond.  Pray too for the Bible Societies in many countries throughout the world and the co-ordinating work of the United Bible Societies.


Pray for the Gideons and give thanks to God for the many thousands of New Testaments, Bibles and Scripture portions which they distribute every year.  Pray for the school children, nurses, poliPrayer Points