OOS and notices for 31st July 2022 Rev Fraser Turner

31st July 2022 OOS and notices

11am Rev Fraser Turner

Welcome & Announcements.

Call to Worship.

Psalm 40:1-5 I waited for the Lord my God (Tune Ballerma).

Prayer & Lord’s Prayer.

Children’s church.

MP 55 Beneath the cross of Jesus (Tune St Christopher).

Offering brought forward. Dedication of Offering.

Reading Isaiah 42:1-9 page 727 Read by John Bruce.

Prayer of Intercession John Bruce.

CH 557 O walk with Jesus, wouldst thou know. (Tune Ombersley).

Sermon The broken hearted are healed.

MP 988 How deep the Father’s love for us (Tune: How deep the Father’s love).



Tea and coffee in lower hall.

The email address for the office is officeinvernesseast@gmail.com The office is closed.        Please contact Donald MacVicar on 07923100244 or Ann MacDonald on 07751490642 for urgent matters.

Prayer meetings this Wed 1pm Bill Flett and online 7.30pm Rev Donald Morrison if he is feeling better.

Newsletters from CYC, here to serve and Open Doors at the front door.

List of items required in August by the foodbank can be found at the front door.

Copies of the July Presbytery News sheet are at the front door.

August’s Newsletter is ready for collection at the front door.

Any items of news for the September Newsletter to Ann at officeinvernesseast@gmail.com asap please.

Worksheets are available for younger folk at the front door.

Computer team next week Ann Willie and Pam